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We had the pleasure of meeting and discussing with Lucy two properties we had difficulty in selling. After walking the homes and reviewing the process we decided she was the right decision and fit. Within 60 days both were under contract. Lucy's communication, talent, and attitude separate her from anyone else we've met in this field. We will not hesitate to use her again and in the future and we will bring her in from the get go.

Brett Berdoll


Hope you had a great holiday.  I wanted to send you this email to Thank You for staging my home.  You are very easy to work with and the results of your expertise are the reason why my house closed within 30 days. Really, you are just a pleasure to work with.  I left everything up to you and your excellent eye for design, willingness to collaborate and try new things, candid advice, abreast of changing trends, exceptional communication, fair pricing, and truly caring about your clients' goals showed.  This style made the rooms feel both inviting and luxurious.  You didn’t compromise on anything and made sure to accent the best features of my home.  You and your entire team are superb professionals.  The set up was quick and smooth as well as the removal after the closing.   

You are very honest and delivered everything that you stated.  This is what I look for when picking who I do business with.

I will highly recommend you to all my friends, family and co-workers!

Thank you again!

-R. Bledsoe, (Seller)

I am a big believer of staging because it made all the difference while selling our last two homes. I was very fortunate to have found "Leave it to Lucy" to stage our St. Augustine home before we sold it.

We got a contract on our home within 10 days although there were about 13 other homes for sale in our community at the time! The buyers made an offer after touring our home during an open house. They had actually seen our home BEFORE the staging but they didn't decide to make an offer until they saw the home AFTER the staging.

Lucy is very professional, detailed and easy to work with. She came over before we moved to help us come up with a plan as to which furniture to leave temporarily in the house for the staging. She has excellent taste and did a wonderful job decorating our house. My realtor was so impressed that he recommended her to more of his clients. She also helped me with decorating decisions at our new condo.

I would highly recommend "Leave it to Lucy."

L. Murray, St. Augustine

Our company decided to use the "Leave It To Lucy" services for staging our house for sale. The house looked good after the renovation, but something was missing... When beautiful Lucy came to the house and began to describe to us what she was going to do, we immediately understood, that this amazing lady has the taste and class! After few days of working on staging process, the house became a preciously cut diamond! All the customers who come to look at the house, can't say anything but... WOW! All the decoration and furniture was carefully chosen in one style, reflecting the comfort of Florida living. I should say, that the house was sold in less then one month! Thank you Lucy, Apex Realty is looking forward to working with you more and more. Awesome designer skills!

Thank you!


-Irene Davidenko, Apex Realty

I had an excellent experience with Lucy during the staging of my house.
Lucy was pleasant, flexible and very hard working.
My house looked amazing after it was staged.

Staging made a huge difference in the sale of my house.
I know when people walked into my house, they saw a nice, clean, colorful and well coordinated house.
Thank you Lucy for an excellent experience.

-Tricia Hodge, Seller

Lucy is amazing at helping my customers get their home ready for listing. Not to mention how this helps my professional photos and virtual tours set up for success.

Lucy has an eye in staging my customers home, something as simple as remove and or place items in other rooms to make it pop sure makes my job easier.

I recently had two properties staged this month with Lucy and they both were under contract with in 2 weeks after we hit the market! I would highly recommend using Lucy’s staging ability to help you sell your home.

Best Wishes,

-Mari Parks, (Broker, Owner)

Take Action Properties, LLC

Lucy is a brilliant home stager, a consummate professional and a joy to work with. We recently renovated our rental house and planned to list it while empty. It seemed very roomy, and we hesitated to stage thinking that prospective buyers would prefer to envision their own belongings and lifestyle. After viewing Lucy’s website, we took a chance and – BAM – got an offer the 2nd day we listed. Granted, we live in a charming historic area in town and priced the house competitively. But we are convinced that the staging was a major factor in such a quick sale. Lucy has impeccable, refined taste. Nothing over the top. Her choice and placement of furniture, color scheme, and finishing touches (a small jacket hanging on the entryway coat rack, a pair of glasses on an open book next to the soaking tub, etc.!) made the home very inviting. The buyers even wanted to buy Lucy’s furniture! Lucy and her team are extraordinary, and we recommend them without hesitation. 

Denise Hammond

Lucy is a professional.

Her responses were quick, and her images of previous work helped me understand her approach.

A very clean but ordinary home was transformed in less than 3 days into a delightful, open, colorful space. I almost did not want to sell !!

The before and after pictures tell the story. Also, the home was visited 2 x on the first day of the listing. One of the 2 bought the home.

I believe that the pleasant clean open feeling helped sell my house, and I recommend Lucy as a very talented professional.

Her pricing seemed reasonable to me, and I am glad I decided to stage my house.

 Thank you,

 -Susan M. Kelly, (Seller)

Lucy stages all my listings! She can transform an outdated home, accentuate the positive and detract from the negative, make a room more spacious...the list goes on! "Leave it to Lucy" is now included in all my listing presentations as part of my Real Estate Services. Since Lucy has been staging my listings, I have seen higher prices and fewer days on the market. When a home is priced right, shows well and  is marketed properly it will sell.Thank you, Lucy, for making my job easier!

-Suzanne Lynch, Realtor

Palm West Home Realty

I have photographed many of Lucy's houses and they are like walking into a model home. I have seen the home before and after Lucy has had her way with it and it is like taking a breath of fresh air when you walk in the second time. If you are interested in making a good first impression then there is only one way to go....Leave it to Lucy!

-Rick Sandora, Photographer

Lucy showed us a home she had staged and we were very impressed with her ability, good taste and professionalism. Our home had been on the market for some time and we signed a contract with her to stage it.
But before she had time to start, we had an offer on the home. So, we asked Lucy if she would hold off. Even though she had scheduled the staging, she graciously agreed. She could have made things difficult for us having a signed contract. As it turned out, we sold the property. Lucy remained pleasant and friendly throughout the whole experience. After seeing Lucy’s product we feel sure we would have sold our home much quicker and more than recouped her fee.
Next time we sell a home we will call on “Leave it to Lucy” first.

Steve and Linda Mills
Palm Coast FL

We had to put our house on the market for a quick sale due to family matters.  We were fortunate enough to have Lucy of Leave it to Lucy, stage our entire house and what a fantastic job she did!!  Each room was eye appealing and inviting.  Thanks to Lucy’s insight and talent we were able to sell our home in three days!!  I would recommend Leave it to Lucy to anyone needing a quick sale.   Lucy can turn any house into an entrancing and charming home.  I would highly recommend her talents to anyone in the market of selling their house. 

-Linda Sanita, (Seller)

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